Activate Series: #9 - How Did Abortion Become "Good" for Black Women? November 2, 2017 13:00 1 Comment

Star Parker testimony abortion and Black women

Star Parker's congressional testimony on abortion's devastation in the Black community, and Planned Parenthood's tweets to oppose it, have ignited a firestorm in the abortion debate. But behind this heated battle is some critical history every pro-life activist needs to know—-a national conversation in the 1990s that both created and countered the idea that abortion is “good” for Black women...

Activate Series: #4 - How Did Hugh Hefner Influence Circle Time in the Classroom? September 28, 2017 11:48

Amidst all of the hot takes on Playboy magazine tycoon Hugh Hefner’s death, there lies a little-known door Hefner opened that paved the way for pornography to enter our public schools.

What Will Happen When the Last Planned Parenthood Video Is Played? October 5, 2015 11:52 2 Comments

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What will you do when the last Planned Parenthood video is played? The answer lies in whether you see this unprecedented opportunity as one to change laws or one to change hearts. 

What in the World Is Happening in Minnesota? August 28, 2015 12:57


Image credit: Pro-Life Action Ministries

In St. Paul, Minnesota, more than 800 people stood up at the #WomenBetrayed rally on July 28th, and nearly 5,000 came out to #ProtestPP on August 22nd. It’s undeniable. Something big is stirring in the Twin Cities. But what? Why Minnesota? Why now?

The Three Words That Could Change Everything July 30, 2015 13:10


Image credit: SpeakLife, Inc.

These three little words rose up from deep within her conscience. She spoke them only to herself, quietly, in a brief moment of clarity...

Planned Parenthood Just Handed the Pro-Life Movement Its Greatest Victory July 29, 2015 14:16 1 Comment


Image credit: Las Vegas Christian Center

Planned Parenthood has perhaps provided the pro-life movement with the most backward, twisted, yet gloriously beautiful opportunity at victory that it has ever known...