Free pro-life video course just released! June 20, 2018 10:42

Personhood Principles pro-life education

In all the chaos and outrage today, it's important for us to stop and consider the simple, beautiful truths at the heart of what we do. Our new video course, Personhood Principles, presents the six fundamental principles at the foundation of the Christian pro-life movement...

Activate Series: #8 - What's the Real Story Behind #JusticeforJane? October 26, 2017 12:16

Throughout history, abortion advocates have repeatedly used, twisted, and even fabricated tragic situations to embed death further into American law and culture. Yesterday, it was Jane Doe...

Activate Series: #7 - Why Is the Gender Revolution a Pro-Life Issue, and How Should We Respond? October 19, 2017 12:29

Because all of God’s design elements—life, marriage, family, sexuality, and gender—are perfectly and purposefully intertwined, they must be systematically dismantled. Much of this work has already been done. But the goal of the new sexual revolution raging around us today is to finish the job...

Activate Series: #6 - What Is Situation Ethics, and Why Is It Important to Call It Out? October 12, 2017 10:51 2 Comments

Every aspect of our culture today reinforces the idea that morality is not absolute. Instead of objectively measuring whether something is right or wrong, our culture’s answer is, “It depends.” ...

Activate Series: #5 - The Pain-Capable Bill Is a Message Bill, So What's Its Message? October 5, 2017 09:28

In this week’s #Activate vlog, we ask pro-lifers to pause for a moment to recognize the preborn children who are absent from the Pain-Capable victory celebrations.

Activate Series: #4 - How Did Hugh Hefner Influence Circle Time in the Classroom? September 28, 2017 11:48

Amidst all of the hot takes on Playboy magazine tycoon Hugh Hefner’s death, there lies a little-known door Hefner opened that paved the way for pornography to enter our public schools.

Activate Series: #3 - Are Pro-Life Laws Making the Defense of Life More Difficult? September 21, 2017 09:25

Pro-life laws and activism

Today, a record number of laws exist to defend and protect human life. But these laws raise critical questions that pro-life activists on the ground are finding harder and harder to answer.

Activate Series: #2 - What Are the Fabian Tracts and Essays, and How Have They Transformed America's Classrooms? September 14, 2017 09:23

If we know when, how, and why anti-Christian ideals infiltrated American education, then we can look through a clearer lens at the moral chaos in our schools today. And we can begin to see education as the first line of defense in the larger battle between good and evil.

What Does Pro-Life Victory Look Like in the 21st Century? June 19, 2017 14:33

As we move toward the third decade of the 21st century, Christians concerned with defending the right to life face daunting new challenges. To protect fellow humans against current and emerging threats, we must re-examine the effectiveness of our most fundamental strategies.

Black history isn't done. It's about to be made. March 2, 2017 13:41

Black History Month has come to an end, but there's much more that lies ahead. In the pro-life movement, a new wave is coming ashore; one that's exposing destructive alliances, challenging complicit leadership, and calling the Church to rise up against injustice—to begin to heal the Black community from the devastating effects of abortion.



3 Things We Can Do Right Now to Fix This Mess September 7, 2016 11:29


America is at a crossroads—standing at the edge of a cliff, trying to decide which angle of descent is less catastrophic. The pro-life movement is at a crossroads, too. Which way should the movement go? What is the best way to change hearts and minds? How can we truly heal our broken culture and make abortion unthinkable? Here are three practical things we can do right now to get started.

Love to Give - How One Little Girl Is Transforming the World February 23, 2016 08:47 7 Comments

Rony and Angela Morales

When we choose fear and doubt, instead of honoring and revering the transformational power of love, we forfeit our chance to win over suffering. We hinder emotional and physical healing, and most consequentially, we destroy purpose. What a tragedy to cut off the very thing the whole world is so desperately searching for.

This is the story of Angela Morales...