Free pro-life video course just released! June 20, 2018 10:42

Personhood Principles pro-life education

In all the chaos and outrage today, it's important for us to stop and consider the simple, beautiful truths at the heart of what we do. Our new video course, Personhood Principles, presents the six fundamental principles at the foundation of the Christian pro-life movement...

Activate Series: #9 - How Did Abortion Become "Good" for Black Women? November 2, 2017 13:00 1 Comment

Star Parker testimony abortion and Black women

Star Parker's congressional testimony on abortion's devastation in the Black community, and Planned Parenthood's tweets to oppose it, have ignited a firestorm in the abortion debate. But behind this heated battle is some critical history every pro-life activist needs to know—-a national conversation in the 1990s that both created and countered the idea that abortion is “good” for Black women...

Activate Series: #8 - What's the Real Story Behind #JusticeforJane? October 26, 2017 12:16

Throughout history, abortion advocates have repeatedly used, twisted, and even fabricated tragic situations to embed death further into American law and culture. Yesterday, it was Jane Doe...

Activate Series: #3 - Are Pro-Life Laws Making the Defense of Life More Difficult? September 21, 2017 09:25

Pro-life laws and activism

Today, a record number of laws exist to defend and protect human life. But these laws raise critical questions that pro-life activists on the ground are finding harder and harder to answer.