Activate Series: #9 - How Did Abortion Become "Good" for Black Women? November 02, 2017 13:00 1 Comment

Star Parker testimony abortion and Black women

Star Parker's congressional testimony on abortion's devastation in the Black community, and Planned Parenthood's tweets to oppose it, have ignited a firestorm in the abortion debate. But behind this heated battle is some critical history every pro-life activist needs to know—-a national conversation in the 1990s that both created and countered the idea that abortion is “good” for Black women...

Activate Series: #8 - What's the Real Story Behind #JusticeforJane? October 26, 2017 12:16

Throughout history, abortion advocates have repeatedly used, twisted, and even fabricated tragic situations to embed death further into American law and culture. Yesterday, it was Jane Doe...

Activate Series: #3 - Are Pro-Life Laws Making the Defense of Life More Difficult? September 21, 2017 09:25

Pro-life laws and activism

Today, a record number of laws exist to defend and protect human life. But these laws raise critical questions that pro-life activists on the ground are finding harder and harder to answer.