Foundations pro-life curriculum (Sessions 1-6)

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Our Foundations pro-life curriculum moves decade-by-decade through the post-Christian transformation of America and places abortion and other pro-life issues within this larger spiritual context. The courses included in our pro-life curriculum will help you build the historical, philosophical, and biblical foundation needed to compassionately engage the culture and defend human life, from its earliest biological beginning to natural death:

Purchase this pro-life curriculum package to save $30 off the price of buying each course separately!

How it works:

Each session is divided into three or four online modules, available in our courseroom, and takes approximately 2-4 hours to complete. Each module includes quiz and discussion/reflection activities already built in. Total time to complete our pro-life curriculum is approximately 10 hours (without activities). You will have access to the courses for 6 months and can take them as many times as you'd like.

Your purchase also grants you access to the Educe® Knowledge Base—our online library that includes all of the research used to develop our pro-life curriculum, supplemental materials like video and audio clips and downloadable articles, and recommended resources for your continued study.

GROUPS, CHURCHES, and ORGANIZATIONS: Group enrollments are not done through our website. Please contact us for more information and check out a sample of our Group Leader's Guide. We work with you to recommend a schedule that fits your needs, from a 12-week class to a weekend seminar.

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