Training Services

Training Services: Educe™ online pro-life curriculum

In addition to our own course offerings, Educe develops staff, volunteer, and technical training for leaders and organizations in many areas of ministry. From co-authoring new courses with subject matter experts to transitioning classroom training into online learning, Educe can help you make an even broader impact for the Kingdom and in the lives of those you serve.

How can my organization benefit?

Educe guides you step-by-step through a budget-friendly process to define your needs and training goals, design ways to specifically measure those goals, and develop effective, engaging online learning that can:

  • Save time and money—Learners can access their online courses from anywhere, anytime, even outside of a structured group setting, so training can move forward more efficiently and for less cost.
  • Improve service—Informed and empowered staff and volunteers can better serve those in need. Online learning helps you train new staff and volunteers in a shorter timeframe and facilitates longer-term educational goals as well.
  • Hasten expansion efforts—If your organization plants affiliates that need just-in-time training to ramp up quickly, online learning can help you serve communities sooner.
  • Equip the next generation—Organizations need to not only engage directly with pro-life youth and other constituents that heavily consume technology, but also recognize those that aren't tech-savvy. Educe™ online courses are designed and delivered with this in mind.
  • Measure mission impact—Donors want to know how their giving is making a difference. Educe™ online learning helps leaders map training outcomes directly to mission goals so the impact is clear and continuous improvement is trackable.

Why Educe?

Sarah Quale, Educe president and founder, either manages or is directly involved in the design and development process. Sarah is an award-winning* curriculum, assessment, and instructional designer with nearly 20 years of professional experience in developing product, sales, and technical training for Fortune 500 companies. In the academic realm, she has developed institutional policies, degree programs, and coursework at the Master's and PhD levels, focusing on business, technology, education, and psychology disciplines. Sarah is proficient in both strategic vision and detailed focus and is particularly skilled in working with clients to transform highly complex or conceptually challenging subject matter into concise, understandable, motivational content. Her key competencies include needs assessment, outcomes-based design, e-learning development, and performance analytics. Personally, Sarah brings integrity, high quality standards, and marked efficiency to every project.

*Awards include the Council for Higher Education Accreditation award for Outstanding Institutional Practice in Student Learning Outcomes, the WCET Outstanding Work Award for Innovative Uses of Educational Technology, and the IMS Global Learning Consortium awards for Best Outcomes-Based Learning Solution and Outstanding Use of Technology in Support of Learning.