Educe (ih-'doos)

Verb: To draw forth or bring out, as something hidden, latent, or of potential

Educe® online learning helps people discover the historical, philosophical, and biblical foundation that's necessary in compassionately engaging the culture and defending human life, from its earliest biological beginning to its natural end. From abortion and destructive biotechnologies to euthanasia and transhumanism, we illuminate what's really underneath the battle between life and death to draw out individual callings and lead communities from education to action. We help our learners:

  • Seek the truth—Ideology, raw emotion, and hyperbole are the world’s standards. Our courses model Jesus’ standard of boldly speaking truth in love, so discernment awakens and true compassion grows.
  • See the big picture—Nothing makes sense anymore, and nothing is connected. We put the puzzle together and bring history, philosophy, culture, and God's Word alive so the framework is clear.
  • Discover their voice—Bold questions and compassionate answers are critical in engaging our lost and broken world. Our communities are thirsty for real solutions. We help people bring living water.

Our online courses serve individuals, churches, faith-based institutions, homeschools, and pro-life organizations of any size and denomination. We also provide professional curriculum development services.